Specials available daily ¦ Menu may change from time to time


Bread with olive oil - balsamic dip
per person

Pan con ajo
garlic bread


Pan con tomate
toasted bread with fresh tomato, garlic, olive oil, sea salt


Lentejas a la Hortelana
- slow-braised lentils with red peppers and root vegetables

Garbanzos "El Rinconcillo"
- chickpeas with spinach and cumin, a recipe from the oldest (16th century!) tapas bar in Seville.


Berenjenas alinadas
- quick-braised aubergines "parcels" with tomato and a little Manchego


- M
arcona almonds tossed with olive oil and sea salt


Patatas bravas
- deep fried cubed potatoes with a spicy pimentón ali-oli


Tortilla Española
- Spanish potato and onion omelette


Espinacas a la Catalana
spinach sautéed with pine nuts and raisins


- Catalan grilled vegetable salad – courgette, pepper, aubergine

Ensalada Terra
- our house salad – chicory, rocket, Manchego cheese, sherry vinegar

Aceitunas caseras
- house-marinated Arbequina, Manzanilla and Aragon olives


Pimientos de Padrón
- tiny sweet/hot green peppers from Galicia


Meat Dishes

Chorizo a la parilla
- picante Leon chorizo, grilled and served with garlic-chilli kale


Anca de cordero 
- English lamb rump, cooked on the plancha, Romesco sauce


Fabada Asturiana
a rich braise of white Pote beans, chorizo, morcilla and panceta adobada, scented with pimentón


Falda de cerdo
- slow-roasted pork belly with a white wine jus and apple/quince compote


Estofado de buey Riojana
beef braised with red wine, Piquillo peppers and potatoes

Croquetas de pollo
crisp chicken croquettes with a spicy tomato dipping sauce
Higadillos de pollo
- free range chicken livers with Forum vinegar, served on a bed of fresh spinach
Pollo al ajillo
- diced corn fed chicken breast, simply sautéed with olive oil, garlic, chili and parsley
Conejo en cazuela
- free-range French rabbit cooked in the casserole with wine, herbs, mushrooms and potatoes
- beef and pork meatballs in a rich tomato and cumin sauce

Habitas a la navarrica
- fresh baby broad beans with jamon iberico and sofrito, topped with a fried egg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          £7.95

- Free Range, acorn foraging iberian black foot pigs, then finished with grain in a feed-lot

Tabla de Ibericos
- Cured chorizo, salchichon, lomo iberico, sobrasada and fuet


Fish Dishes

Arroz a Banda 
- Bomba rice with saffron, squid, prawns, octopus in a rich seafood stock, served with alioli


Langostinos a la plancha 
- 5 X griddled Mediterranean prawns, served with a Spanish brandy cocktail sauce


Chiprones a la Vizcaina
- baby squid in a light tomato, white wine and herb sauce


Gambas al ajillo
- sizzling prawns with garlic, chili, olive oil and parsley
Sardinas a la plancha
fresh sardines, simply cooked on the plancha with lemon, garlic and parsley

- f
resh anchovies from Cantabria with olive oil and wine vinegar

Calamares a la Romana
- squid deep fried in a light batter, served with ali-oli and sweet chili dip

Pulpo a la feria
slices of octopus with olive oil, pimentón and sea salt


 Piquillos con cangrejo
- Piquillo peppers filled with brown and white crab meat and alioli